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C2400 Series

C4800 Series
Timers & Counters:
In order to stream line your operations and reduce your inventory levels, Blautek introduced the new C2400 and C4800 series of multi function units.

The C2400 series is a new type of programmable totalizer that will give you the option to use it as a Totalizer Counter, Totalizer Timer, Tachometer and Frequency meter all in a small footprint of an incredible 24 x 48mm plus it has replaceable batteries.

The C4800 is the 48 x 48mm preset version that also includes Multi-Function Timer, Counter and Frequency meter all in one with dual outputs, new backlit LCD Display, Memory Backup and an industry first a complete software suite included at no cost to you, the only item you need to add is the RS232, RS442 or RS485 communications cable and you will have an amazing unit that will replace various units on your shelf.



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